Landscaping Services
We offer a wide range of Landscaping Installation & Maintenance Services to keep your residential or commercial property looking its best.  We offer a range of services that can adapt to your property's needs, ranging from Shrub Trimming to Laying Sod to Basic Landscape Maintenance.  We offer these services to the New Prague, MN area and all areas within 20 miles of New Prague.
Patios & Walkways
These are not only functional, but also look good.  A Flagstone or Paver Patio and/or Walkway can give your yard great appeal.  Not only that, but it protects your grass from being worn away from constant walking and use.
Sod & Grading
The thing that makes a yard a yard is grass.  And having your yard properly graded and the sod properly laid is what can make a yard look fantastic. 
Shrubs & Trees
Keeping your Trees and Shrubs properly trimmed not only makes your yard look better, but it also keeps it safe.  Troublesome branches could fall and damage something or be harmful to pets.
Decorative Rock
Rock can give your shrubs and other small plants a nice background, and can be a great border to accent your home.  This is a near permanent solution to give an accent to your shrubs and landscaping.
Mulch & Chips
Similar to Decorative Rock, Wood Chips and Mulch gives your Shrubs and plants a nice accent.  Unlike the rock, this won't be a problem for a lawn mower. But, it does require replacement every once in a while to keep it looking its best.
One thing that helps your yard look its best is keeping it well watered.  An irrigation system does just that, with little to no effort required from you!
Weed & Feed  
Keeping your yard fertilized and free of weeds is important not only to the yard's appearance, but to the yard's overall health as well.  Fertilizing and Weed Control can help keep your yard healthy and green.